Our place in the world

Norway is a very very small country, with a very very VERY big ego. Yes, I know, we are rated as the best country to live in in the world, every single year by the UN, and that just makes the ego bigger, but we are not important. OK, so we contribute with a lot of money, Norway is a rich country that can throw a lot of money at things like earthquakes and tsunamis, and our doctors seem to want to travel a lot and help out, but we really don’t matter. 4,8 million people can’t make a huge impression on the world.

We haven’t had a world known politician or musicians since the 80ties, and the only thing people seem to mention about Norway is that they have some relatives that came from Norway. It seems like our biggest export is people, especially to the US.

We are lucky to have oil, and we know it. I like the fact that we stand up to our neighbors in the north with no fear. The Russians don’t seem to get used to being treated like everyone else, and it’s fun to see how they react! We have two other neighbors that we share our borders with, Finland and Sweden. We hardly notice that there is a border to Finland, there are not a lot of people living up there, and not a lot happening. Sweden on the other hand is our Neighbor. Our big brother. We used to be in a union with Sweden (they made us), and also with Denmark (they made us too), to witch we have no borders, but is just a couple of hours boat ride away. We also feel a companionship with the Icelandic people, most of them are descendants of Norwegians that traveled over there many many years ago. Iceland is an island, so no borders there either.

We are not a member of the EU (European Union), and it seems that this is a very smart choice for our country, since our economy is good and many of the members have great big problems. If we where a part of the EU we would have to help pay for their mistakes, and the benefits would be minor, since we actually do very good on our own. (I personally was a big supporter of the EU in the 90ties, but now the whole thing just looks like an expensive paper mill that does not seem to make anything happen, not what anyone had in mind when the idea hatched.)

How other countries view Norway is something I would like to know more about. Please leave a comment if you have something to contribute!

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