Shopping from inside Norway

We are a nation of eBay addicts. Or, we are becoming one, more an more people are braving the world of Paypal and eBay, and other online shops like and

Getting stuff into Norway is no problem, but you must be prepared to pay to receive things that cost more than 200 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) before shipping. Just for the customs to bother to look at your package it costs a lot of money. And they you have to pay a percentage set tax on what you have bought, in many cases doubling the price of what you bought) . This does not apply to books and works of art like paintings and photographs, and the frames they come in.
So if you have a shop of some kind and don’t understand why Norwegians always ordering for somewhere under 40 US dollars (depends on what the current value of NOK versus other currencies), now you know.

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