The weekend is very important in Norway. Norwegians does not live to work, we work to live. And when work is over on Friday there is a huge rush of people going out of the city to their “hytte”. A “hytte” is like a cabin, or a second home, either on the mountains or by the sea (in some fjord). Most families have at least one “hytte” available to them, and they are used a lot. The comfort level in these places are very varied, from just a room with beds and some kitchen supplies, no running water, no power and an outside toilet, to a full house with every luxury you could ever want. Some people also buy apartments in huge complexes close to skiing resorts in stead of having a house to them selves. Here they can order food and get their apartment pre-heated for when they arrive, amongst other luxuries.

Norwegians are also very concerned about going outside in the weekends. Staying inside is just something you do not do, especially kids are almost thrown out in any kind of weather. Staying home and relaxing is unheard of for most people. I have no idea what drives these people, so don’t ask ;P

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