Working Norwegians

Work for Norwegians it’s mostly about management, paper pushing, or the creative stuff. Norwegians are very spoiled, and eastern European people flock into our country to do the work that no one here want to do. If it’s not fun and/or well paid it’s not worth doing. Everyone want to be in charge of their own work day, schedule and everyone around them. The work hours are 8 hours a day including a 30 minutes paid lunch break, and most of it is not hard work at all.

And even though Norwegians are winning cooking competitions all the time we would just starve to death without Asians. They run most of the restaurants and take out places around the country. Serving the food, along with most other services are done by young Swedish people, flocking to Norway because of the wages here are much better than they can get in Sweden. Since there are so many of them they seem to like it here and stay, solving a lot of problems.

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