Norwegians really believe that all are created equal and should be treated that way. We pride ourselves on the fact that anyone can be anything in Norway, no matter if they are rich, poor, man or woman. Education is free and available to everyone, kinda. If you are poor you have to work your way through school like anyone else in the world, even though it should not be that way according to the government.
Men in Norway has to take their part in everything that goes on in the house, like cooking, cleaning and watching kids. There is absolutely no rules or regulations that differ men and women in Norway. Still, women usually earn less than men (something there has been a lot of strikes about this year, we are moving forward on this issue!), and there is more men that are mechanics and more women in the kindergartens, but it’s not because of any thing other than peoples own choices. We even have high government officials that only work with equality. Discriminating is frowned upon from all angles, but still happens.

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