Norway has no big city, not by any standard. Our capital Oslo is a small city with under 600.000 inhabitants. Oslo is also a county on it’s own, even though it’s surrounded by Akershus county.

Getting city status in Norway is very easy. With 5000 inhabitants and a minimum of services the authorities can apply and get it granted. Though, the city where I live we got the city status this year with only 4000 inhabitants and less than 30 shops. There is no official offices to mention, hardly any parking space, nowhere to buy clothes for kids, you can’t even buy alcohol here. What a city!

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4 Responses to Cities

  1. yourkitty says:

    What I love about all of your articles is that you know just how to put things in perspective; I’m learning so much! 🙂
    But how the heck do you guys find alcohol? hehe..

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