Norway VS Sweden

This is a question i got by Postcrossing card from Emilie *waves hello*
She would like to know what prejudice I have against Swedes. I must confess that I have very few personally, because I at some point in my childhood was presented with the possibility of my family having to move to Sweden since my father worked for Ericsson (mobile phone/signal company) and they really wanted him over there. I’m also possibly 1/8 Swede, my great grandmother on my mother-mother’s side was adopted, probably from Sweden. I know the language quite well, most of my holidays as a kid was spent in a caravan in Sweden, and the book I finished reading last night was written in Swedish actually. The languages are very similar, but here comes the first prejudice most Norwegians have against Swedes:

Norwegians think Swedes are stupid.
This mostly comes from the fact that Norwegians understand Swedish much better than the Swedes understand Norwegian. We feel like we have to talk differently around Swedes, translating difficult words that we know very well what are in Swedish. Read more about why here:

Norwegians seem to think it’s very important to beat the Swedes in everything. Especially sports, and the most important sport of them all is cross country skiing. And Eurovision Song Contest. There is a little brother complex here, and as long as we beat the Swedes it’s OK.

Norwegian men used to think that Swedish women are easy to get. Now that our country is filled with young Swedish workers this probably has died off, since they are not getting any more from them than our own girls.

If you have something to add to this, please leave a comment!

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4 Responses to Norway VS Sweden

  1. Emelie says:

    Hi it’s me Emelie 🙂 I kind of thought that I would know what you would answer but no i did’t, fun to read ! Funny and a bit sad in a way that we’r so alike and are so close and we both think the other one i stupid. I heard a joke about the norwiegan language once, that it was made up by a drunk swedish comedian beacuse norweigan sounds like a funny dialekt of swedish in many cases, haha 🙂
    Very true indeed that we want to win over Norway (and Finland) in everything, realy bad, but that’s how it it between siblings is it not? 🙂

    • It’s very much like siblings, and we have big time little-brother-complex issues over here. I don’t think we will get over that any time soon.

      What did you think I would say?

  2. Jessica says:

    I didn’t know about the Norway VS Sweden. When reading your blog I feel like I’m in history class. But, a very fun one.

    • It’s probably just a local thing, I guess many countries around the world, especially small ones, have some rivalry with their closest neighbors. We don’t really mind what the Russians or Finnish are doing, but it’s SO important to beat the Swedes, and often the Danish too, we share no borders, but we are a part of what’s called Scandinavia (“short” for Norway, Sweden and Denmark), and both Denmark and Sweden used to “own” Norway at some point in history. There is a lot of national pride going on here!

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