What can you get for 1 US dollar in Norway?

The short answer is: not much.

A postcard? No.
Stamp to send your postcard anywhere (even inside Norway)? No.
A bottle of water to drink? No.
A spool of thread? No.
Any fresh baked goods that is made from more than just flour and water? Maybe, if there is a sale.
A scratch card? No.
A bar of chocolate? A very small one, like a Kinder Maxi (hopeless name btw, nothing maxi about it), yes.
A kinder egg? No. Not even if you are 3 and have one dollar each, a 3 pack is not your salvation.
A jar of taco sauce? No.
A full size wax candle? Some places actually!
Any kind of toy? No.

What it would cost to print a dollar bill? Probably not, even if you bought supplies to make a billion of them, not in the Norwegian open market with Norwegian labour costs.

As you might have guessed; we have no dollar stores ;P We used to have some kind of 2 dollar stores, but they also had to have more expensive items to fill their shelves.

If you want to see more in this list please leave a comment =) I’ll add them as soon as possible!

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10 Responses to What can you get for 1 US dollar in Norway?

  1. Hello and nice to meet you! Unfortunately it’s the same in Italy. You get nothing for 1 USD 😦 This blog is such a great idea. I can’t wait to read more.

    I’d love to do swaps with you. Let me know if you are free. Btw I also have a giveaway going on my blog. Feel free to enter before the 6th. Ciao

    • I’m free for more swaps in a couple of days, when my QUICK-swaps get partners =)

      I didn’t know that Italy is so expensive! What most swappers and eBayers know is that your postal system very very slow, and most news junkies like me automatically think “CORRUPTION AND MAFIA” ;P
      Did you know that our capital is thinking about buying garbage from the streets in Napoli? What a very strange idea, moving garbage so far just to burn it here…

  2. Jessica says:

    😦 I love the Dollar Tree. One of our chain dollar stores in the USA. Most of the stuff they sale isn’t worth a dollar (cheaply made). But, they do have stuff that I buy. Gift bags, birthday decorations, greeting cards, coloring books for my kids and items like that.

    • Such a store is just a wet dream for people living in Norway ;P Sometimes cheap stuff work just fine, especially when it’s for one time use and then to be thrown away. You can hardly afford that here…

  3. yourkitty says:

    Haha, I absolutely love this post! 😀
    What a funny and useful idea… Although, I must say, it’s kind of depressing! Norway has always been among the list of places I’d most like to visit, and this makes me think it may not be possible for many, many years… 😉
    I’d also like to do swaps with you when you have the time! I live in France. 🙂
    xoxo, Kitty

    • Visiting Norway is not something you do without a more than healthy private economy ;P I think Oslo is on the list of most expensive cities to visit every year… They say London is very expensive too, but that’s shopping heaven for us!

      I would love to do private swaps right now =) Just finished a big pile of mail!

  4. Melissa Ellermann says:

    I really enjoyed learning a little bit about Norway. I had no idea it was so expensive to live there!

    • I’ve heard of a lot of unprepared tourists that have gotten a harsh reminder to research such things before they go somewhere ;P There is just one positive thing about living in such an expensive country: no matter where we go on holiday, it’s cheap ;P

  5. Coleen says:

    Hi Lexidh, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this blog before. Seems Norway is a very expensive place to live. Ukraine is rapidly going that way as well. Very interesting to read the comparisons.

    • I haven’t been working on this blog for very long, so I haven’t “advertised” much. It’s mostly a place for me to collect the answers to the questions I get asked a lot.
      Does the Ukraine have Euro? Right now it seems like all currencies are “on sale” compared to Norwegian Kroner. Shopping online is great fun ;P

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