Norwegian facination for the USA?

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I do have a question. I noticed when I visited, and also since, that the Norwegians have a fascination for the USA – where does that come from? I remember meeting a guy who wanted me to drive him to and from a party (home made booze) because he was drunk. His car was a 50’s model Yank Tank and the roads were so narrow.

I don’t think Norwegians have an unhealthy fascination for Americans, mostly we look at the country and shake our heads, especially when they talk about health care like it’s the devil. But we do watcha lot of American made television series, and when you see something you like on TV you try to get a hold of it.

Norway has no car production (unless you want to call a tiny plastic electric thing on wheels a car), so they are all imports. Car safety is a big issue, especially on our winter roads. Having a big car you can feel safe inside, knowing it’s a lot of steel between you and the rest of the world is a good thing. Me and my husband has no less than 3 old Mercedes cars from the 80ties, and they make us feel both comfortable and safe.

Being comfortable is also an issue for many, driving in Norway takes it’s time, because our roads are narrow and old, and the speed limits are very low. The fastest you are allowed to drive in Norway is 100km per hour, and that is only on roads with at least 2 lanes in each direction. We also have to drive around all those great fjords, and Norway is so long and narrow that getting from the south tip to the north tip takes several days. Being comfortable in the car seat is a big plus.

Our roads are not safe. But even though we have so much money the government does not want to spend a lot on fixing the roads. It’s hard to explain why, and I can’t say I agree with those in office right now.

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4 Responses to Norwegian facination for the USA?

  1. Coleen says:

    Ukraine seems to have the same fascination. I just don’t know what that is all about but we hear a lot of western music here. And people like the TV shows as well which most often DO NOT portray an accurate picture of American life.

  2. Thankfully we also get much news from the US, and it’s easy to see that American life is quite different to what’s portrayed in the TV series. What we see on TV is more like the American Dream, and real life is often unemployment and poverty.

  3. I think Americans have a fascination with Scandanavian countries too. But I live in the US, and I am NOT a fan of TV here. Seems that a lot of what we have here is reality TV, which I like, but there’s only so much of it that you can watch.

    • We just buy the great series, and skip the reality stuff (well, mostly, some of it gets aired here to, but on channels no one watches ;P). Series like CSI, 24, Criminal Minds, Medium, Flash Forward, lots of comedy (that I don’t watch at all), No Ordinary Family and so on are aired in prime time. It saves us from having to make our own stuff, it’s so expensive.
      We have Norwegian reality shows too, but it’s a bit different. Like getting from the southern tip of Norway to North Cape (as far North you can get by car in Europe) with lots of missions on the way, putting 20 people on an old farm and watch them try to survive with what they have, also with missions, and helping farmers find a mate (having time to date when you run a farm isn’t easy). Stuff like that. Often our reality is exported to other countries, because it’s so fresh and new. I don’t watch much of it, I’m terrible at remembering to watch things week after week.

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