Celebrations in Norway

Norway is not a country of big celebrations. This is a list of the days where our flag should be raised and hurra’s to be said:

January 1st: New Years day (the day of hangovers)
January 21st: Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s birthday

February 6th: The Sami people’s day
February 21st: King Harald’s birthday

May 1st: Labor day (a day off to work in the garden, err, to demonstrate against everything…)
May 8th: Liberation day
May 17th: Read all about it here

June 7th: another Liberation day

July 20th: Crown prince Haakon’s birthday

August 19th: Crown princess Mette-Marit’s birthday

December 24/25th: Christmas, read all about it here
December 31st: New Years eve

We also have a lot of Christian so called celebrations like Easter, but this is mostly regarded by this atheist country as days off work that should be used for recreation and a trip to the hytte, fixing the garden, relaxing or go on longer holidays.

The shops insist that we celebrate both Halloween and Valentines day (which have absolutely no traditional value to us), and Mothers Day and Fathers Day are somewhat marked in some families. These four days are also embraced by the kindergartens because they need something to do for the kids.

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