Norwegian roads

Want to go driving in Norway? Let me tell you about our roads. I’ll be quick. It only takes 3 letters. They are:


Ok, now that is out of the way.
No, seriously, they are bad. There is no way to deny it. Norwegian roads are hopeless, and there is no change in sight. Of course there are some stretches where it’s nice and comfy and straight and you are allowed to drive quite fast, but that is mostly around the big cities. If you want to travel around in Norway and actually see the country as it is it’s way better to take the train anyway. Norway is not habitable or filled with people, and traveling by train in Norway it’s very hard to think that our planet has so many people living on it, because they are definitely not living in Norway!

Here are some pictures I’ve taken of roads in Norway that are a bit special.

Trollstigen, a tourist road close to Åndalsnes in the nortwestern parts of Norway.

Atlanterhavsvegen, also in the northwestern parts.


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