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The search engines have found this site, and I get a lot of traffic from them now. Mostly people have searched for info about Maria Amelie, which is still in Norway (probably being sent out tomorrow or the next day though), but also about other things. Here are some of the search strings:

“what norway gov provides for the people”
Well, high taxes? No, really, the most important thing is health insurance. I have no idea why this is regarded as a bad thing in so many places in the world. EVERYONE is insured. The most you can use on life saving or life time medicine, doctors visits and traveling to and from doctors/hospitals per year is under 350 US dollars. After that you get refunds, or use your frikort/”free card”.

“norwegian bunad postcards”
Sorry, can’t help you there. Haven’t seen one ever. There are so many bunads, and so few Norwegian postcards for sale.

“nkr 2011 tv lisens”
About 450 US dollars. Want to pay mine? Just got the bill…

“why don’t shops open on sunday in norway”
Religion. And labor unions. Having a day off is a big deal in Norway. We have the “hytte” to go to!

“living in norway without a car can you”
Yes you can! Just not outside the larger cities.

“sport lunch norway chocolate”
The original is called Kvikk Lunsj, and it’s much better than any copy! No need for Kit Kat here.

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