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Here are some answers to search strings that bring people to this site, when the info they are searching for is not present.

“education program in norway called russ”
It’s not an education program, it’s … well, the opposite really. Read about the celebration we call “russefeiring” here =)

“what happens if i don’t pay the bill from nrk and move?”
If you move inside Norway they will hunt you down and make you pay. If you move out of Norway I’m not sure. I’m quite sure they will go after any Norwegian citizen as much as they want, anywhere in the world, but probably not others. Probably…

“Maria Amelie” (still hot news)
She is in Russia, trying to get her legal papers in order there so she can come back to Norway. Iceland is working on finding a quick fix for her, where she can go back via Iceland as an Icelandic citizen. She is currently working on a new book about her experience.

“visiting norway with us dollar”
Wouldn’t recommend it. The Norwegian Kroner (NOK) is our currency, and you won’t be able to pay with your dollars anywhere but in a select few tourist magnets. Euro and GBP is just as useless.
There is not a lot of places to trade your currency into NOK either, tourism isn’t very big business in Norway!

“sporting good store in andalsnes”
There is one store with sporting goods in Åndalsnes; Intersport. Åndalsnes is very small, so finding it will not be a problem. There is also a G-sport somewhat close by, just north of Åndalsnes, but even though I’ve been to Åndalsnes several times I have no idea where it’s located, and the map I’ve found is no help, it locates it in a place with no roads close by.

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