Bomb and shooting in Norway

A short recap of what has happened in Norway today:

A (car) bomb went off in Oslo at 15:25, targeting government buildings. The official numbers are 7 dead and 15 badly injured, plus a huge amount smaller injures. One of the closest buildings where the office of the Prime Minister, but he was not there, neither was any other public figures, but some government staff are confirmed dead. Windows exploded up to 1km away and Oslo looks like hell on earth.

Then a guy dressed in police clothing started shooting people at Utøya (an island one hour by car away from Oslo), at a politic youth camp, kids that support the same political party that is (mostly) in charge in Norway. 10 are confirmed dead, some are missing in the water around the island and many are badly injured.

The shooter at Utøya used the bombings in Oslo as a reason for him to get on the island. The police have apprehended him, he is currently being questioned. The arrested man is confirmed to be Anders Behring Breivik, 32 years old from Norway. The company he ownes lets him easily access to fertilizer, that can be used to make bombs like the one that exploded in Oslo. He is a Freemason. His political views are to the very very far right, and he is a Christian.

Facebook account:

Twitter account:!/AndersBBreivik

Both with no friends or followers, made July 17 this year.

A Norwegian Anti-Fan page has been made on Facebook: This group will probably be removed quite soon.

Wikipedia page:

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