You have searched for… #3

It’s been a long time since I updated this page, but I see it’s still in use by some =) I’m happy to help! Here are a few searches that has taken people here:

roads closed norway – This is info you won’t get in English (that’s quite embarrassing really…) But you can find it here: in Norwegian, hopefully Google Translate can help with translating the site.

ski norway vs sweden – NORWAY RULES! *ahem* Well, we have been better at least. And if you want to go skiing I’d go to Norway, since we have more mountains and therefore more snow.

living in norway and shop in sweden – Good idea. Norwegians does this too. Move to Halden or Kongsvinger!

kinder chocolate norway – Available everywhere! Shops, gas stations, kiosks.

what village in norway do the hansen brothers deadliest catch ancestors come from – Karmøy!

norwegian chocolate makers – Freia, Nidar and Hval are the most prominent. Freia is the oldest one, the one with the yellow wrapped Melkesjokolade we all love so much =)

does norway have dollarstore? – No.

20th of may is a day off in norway ? – No. The 17th is!

% of norway habitable – Uhm, well… that depends, are you Norwegian or not? It seems like Norwegians can live anywhere. Others, not so much I guess ;P There is still room for a lot more people here ;P

can i get american tv in norway – No. But lots of the US series are sent on Norwegian TV, and there is always Netflix =)

rich voman for poor man in norway – Good luck? ;P

why can’t i buy wine or beer on voting day in norway – Good question! Hopefully we’ll get rid of that silly rule soon with the new government.

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4 Responses to You have searched for… #3

  1. Karen Johnson says:

    We will be moving to Norway from Japan (we are from Europe originally, not Japanese).
    Would you recommend to bring anything in advance, to stock up on something before we get there? For example, before coming to Japan we were told to stock up on deodorants, western food, Colgate toothpaste and many other things… 🙂

    What about Norway?

    • Hard for me to say that hasn’t lived outside Norway, so I don’t know what I miss out on, but what I have to get from outside the country that I’m hooked on is just a spice mix for making burritos and sachets to make half liter bottles of ice tea and lemonade. Oh, and some Tassimo tea discs that are rare not only around here. But if you make a list of what you can’t live without I can help you to stock up if there is something we don’t have =) Anyway, there is always eBay ;P That’s how I get my special Tassimo tea!

  2. Vicky says:

    We are considering moving the Norway next year. First we are planning a trip there early spring to get a feel of what it is like and we can’t wait to see the beauty of Norway!!
    But I have one question that I can’t seem to find an answer to.
    If I go on and look for houses(bolig til salgs) or cottages(fritidsbolig til salgs) (hytte/enebolig) to buy, the price difference is huge. Here in the Netherlands you cannot live in a hytte, as it would be classed as a ‘leisure accomodation’ which means you can only live there for 6 to 9 months per year and then you have to move out! So it can’t be your permanent home. Is it the same in Norway or is it allowed to live all year around in a cottage too? And to be registered there? Me and my husband are looking for a way to get away from society a bit more. So small villages are ok, but preferably in the middle of calm and natural areas. We don’t mind driving a bit longer to work if you find that kind of peace at night.

    Thank you so much for your advice!

    • I’m sorry to say that there isn’t a good answer to this. It depends on local rules!
      And yes, the price difference from place to place in Norway is… insane. But remember, a lot of the cottages hasn’t got power or water, no cell reception (and definitely not phone service), so it might not be such a good deal anyway. There might also be other costs involved with a cottage, like road maintenance fees and that you don’t own the land it’s built on, but lease it. The rules for “festetomt” are changing, and it could get EXTREMELY expensive if the land owners gets their way. That’s a problem with regular houses too. I’d never buy a house on a “festetomt”.

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